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Put all of your broken dental handpieces back in rotation within days, not weeks. We provide repair services for all major brands including Bien Air, Kavo, Midwest, NSK and more!

Considered a world leader for over 50 years, Bien Air is known for simplifying dentists’ work and improving patient comfort. Their dental handpieces have a reputation for ergonomic design, precision and reliability. Following their tradition of Swiss-made excellence, True Spin Dental repairs Bien Air handpieces with the same attention to detail.

Palisades Dental is home to IMPACT AIR® high speed handpieces, handcrafted in the U.S. for nearly four decades and used around the world. Whether your IMPACT AIR handpiece is the fiberoptic or non-optic, quick disconnect or 5-, 4- or 2-hole model, our technicians have the know how and experience to repair it quickly and accurately.

Morita developed its first high speed dental handpiece in 1959. Over 50 years later, they still set the standard with the world’s first double-turbine design and true zero suck back. Since they’re considered the largest manufacturer and distributor of dental equipment and supplies, we have deep experience in repairing these handpieces to like-new condition.

Electric. Air driven. LED. Kavo dental handpieces reflect performance, quality and innovation. This dental manufacturer has been in the industry for over a century and has stayed at the forefront due to their commitment to the dental profession and passion for excellence. If your Kavo handpiece needs repair, our technicians are the ones to call for service.

Dentsply Midwest is a dental office regular. Their handpieces for dentists have a reputation for consistent reliability and performance. Dentsply introduced the turbine and ring driven motor, making the Shorty the strongest low speed motor available. Even today, the Shorty is used for its sheer cutting power in clinical use. We repair those and other Midwest handpieces.


Ceramic bearing technology. The dental industry has Star Dental to thank. They patented the Vortex ceramic bearing lube free turbine. Star Dental is a U.S. company, selling a full line of lube-free high speed and low speed handpieces. Our repair service for high speed handpiece involves using ceramic bearings for the highest integrity and performance.

NSK handpieces include the latest technology in piezo technology, featuring stable output due to frequency adjustments based on tip loading. These handpieces are slim and lightweight and come optic versions. Our NSK handpiece repair technicians are skilled at troubleshooting these tools and can quickly repair them to get them back in your rotation.

W&H surgical handpieces are durable, ergonomic and robust. The surgical straight handpieces have been specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology. The high-quality stainless steel with special coating makes them particularly tough. And when your W&H handpieces break, trust True Spin Dental for fast and professional repair.

Lares’ line of high speed dental handpieces are available in three head sizes, designed to meet every dentist’s specific needs. Forty years in business, Lares is known for blending superior access and visibility with high cutting power and feather light weight. You can trust our technicians to repair these durable and reliable highspeed handpieces.


National and worldwide service available. 1-3 day turnaround. Print and fill out a shipping label.
In Chicago? Take advantage of our free pick up and next-day delivery service.



From fast dental handpiece repair services and sales to emergency service for dental equipment, True Spin Dental keeps your practice running efficiently.
The result: your operational demands met today and lower maintenance and repair costs down the road for a profitable practice.

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